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Term 3: 20th July-25th Sept

Term 4: 12th Oct-11th Dec   

A copy of the Term 4 timetable can be found here

A new class in Expressive Arts is proposed for Term 4, 2020. If you are interested in this class please forward your expression of interest to the U3A office by email or phone (Wednesday and Thursday only) or by email to Heather Munro ( or Sue Bell (

Expressive Arts
Course Description
Expressive Arts has traditionally been used as a healing modality, exploring emotions to gain deeper self-awareness and intuition.  It can also be a tool for just being creative and having fun.  Allow yourself to be surprised at your response to a piece of music, or be blown away by an insight emerging from your artwork.  We will utilise music, visualisations, discussion, journaling, movement, and visual arts – none of which require prior experience or skill.

Proposed Time/Venue
Fripp Oval. Friday mornings

Happiness 101 will continue in term 4 (Monday 4pm to 5 pm)
This class teaches you how to become happier and covers:

  • Emotional First Aid
  • Health and Aging
  • Simplifying your life
  • Extreme self care among other topics.

Email or telephone the office if you would like further details

Information on the walking groups can be found here  Monday Walks List and Tuesday Walks List.

In Term 4 a new class will be offered, Learn to Play the Ukulele. If you are interested in joining this class please send your Expression of Interest to